Make your choice. Me or Walter Bishop.


fangirl challenge || tv shows [4/5] | fringe

"I asked you for a sign and you sent it to me—a white tulip—and I was so grateful. Since then, in moments of deep despair, I have found solace in believing that you had forgiven me. I was willing to let him go. I was willing to let Peter die! I’ve changed. That should matter. God… I know my crimes are unforgivable. Punish me. Do what you want to me. But I beg you, spare our world.”

He bought the necklace for you. For what purpose? …Love.

You never know when to give up.

fringe season one + colors (2/3): 
» green, blue and violet

Can you just cut the Yoda crap and tell me what’s happening to me?!